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Welcome to IS Event Solutions

Your Professional Congress Organizer (PCO)!

As a Montreal-based Boutique PCO, we organize high quality conferences, symposia and other educational events for a distinct number of Canadian and international clients each year. In line with our vision to establish long-term client relationships, we are as much focused on producing the event as we are on the human touch. We help our clients create memorable events that leave behind a legacy. We make our clients heroes in front of their peers. Our strong strategic and forward-thinking approach combined with our leadership style and experience in the industry, allow us to consistently deliver professionally and financially successful events.

Is this your first time organizing an educational event?

If yes, call us before you secure your venue and meeting dates. It will be our pleasure to guide and support you from the beginning and to help you in your negotiations.

Have you organized one or more educational events?

You may have done so on your own, with the help of colleagues, or with a third-party planner (PCO, meeting planner, etc.). We assure you that working with us will be different from anything you have experienced before. Our clients typically have an enjoyable experience throughout the planning process and onsite - and most of them come back for more (annual meetings). We minimize the stress on our clients' time and energy as we understand that they are often leading the conferences as volunteers in addition to their demanding jobs.

Why meet with us?

If your objective is a professionally and financially successful event, then meet with us.
Our track record speaks volumes.


The basis of our client relationships are trust, respect and confidence. Chemistry with our clients is very important to us as we often embark on intense multi-year working relationships. Understanding and respecting each other's philosophies and values will make the planning and decision-making process efficient and eliminate frustrations for all involved.


We have one priority when it comes to your money: maximizing your bottom line and maximizing your delegates' experience. Our management fees compensate us adequately for the work we deliver. We therefore do not take any commissions or royalties from any suppliers which allows us to optimize your finances.


Your assigned Project Manager at IS Event Solutions will function as your General Manager. Together with the team, the project manager will execute your decisions. However, at all times, we will guide your decision-making. Every event starts with a business plan, budget and cash flow calculations, marketing and communications plan and a timeline. We plan for success, we deliver success.

The Team

Our team holds degrees in international congress management, international marketing, hotel management, leisure sciences, psychology, sustainability management and society management. Each team member is a specialist in their domain, yet understands the big picture of conference management.

  • Isabel Stengler, CMP – Project Manager
    Leader, determined, proactive
  • Janique Deslauriers – Project Manager
    Precise, great attention to detail, analytical
  • Patricia Dolla – Scientific Program Manager
    Meticulous, tenacious, patient
  • Carole Laflamme – Registration Manager
    Empathetic, engaged, efficient
  • Anja Kubeneck – Industry Coordinator and Sustainable Conference Manager
    Persuasive, serious, innovative
  • Jessica Braemer – Marketing Coordinator
    Creative, resourceful, pragmatic
  • Nancy Guitard - Finance
    Exact, detailed, strategic

We promise to share the risk

As a true "Boutique PCO", we produce a distinct number of high quality conferences each year. How can you determine if we are the right business partner for you?

If you answer "yes" to any of the following questions, we need to meet.

  • You are looking for a PCO that can manage your conference from A to Z?
  • You are looking for a PCO that can manage a specific aspect of your conference, like registration or marketing?
  • You want leadership all the way?
  • You need resources (a team) that can execute?
  • You want to make sure that your event is professionally managed?
  • You expect innovation in meeting design?
  • You want to turn a profit?

Your meeting benefits from our extensive expertise in:

  • Strategic Project Planning and Management
  • Accounting and Financial Administration
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Sponsorship Solicitation and Servicing
  • Exhibit Solicitation and Servicing
  • Professional Programme and Abstract Management
  • Registration Management
  • Housing Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Social Events and Tours
  • Congress Evaluation and Final Reporting
  • IT Solutions
  • Sustainable Conference Management

We deliver

Success stories and heroes!
Explore some of our clients and what we achieved with and for them.

  • 17th IFHIMA World Congress on Health Information Management


    • Maximized Canadian participation
    • Reduced printed materials by 60%
    • Ensured participation from a significant delegation from developing countries

    Right from the start, IS Event Solutions impressed us with their efficient and professional manner – an approach and level of expertise that cultivated a high degree of confidence. This assured us that we partnered with the right organization. IS Event Solutions was the critical ingredient in us achieving and exceeding our event expectations and outcomes. Every detail was covered and well managed….absolutely nothing was overlooked….absolutely flawless!

    Tamara Stefanits, CHIM (Client)
  • Canadian Conference on Ovarian Cancer Research

    • Montreal 2008, Toronto 2010, Quebec City 2012, Victoria 2014
    • 150 pax
    • Launch Website

    I want to thank once again the whole IS Event Solutions team for the excellent organizational work done before and during CCOCR 2012.

    Dimcho Bachvarov, L'Hôtel-Dieu de Québec (Conference Co-chair)
  • International Epidemiological Association worldwide regional courses

    • Brazil 2008, UK 2011, Peru 2012, China 2013, USA and Lithuania 2014
    • 500 pax
    • Launch Website

    It was a great day.....almost 130 registrants, great faculty and marvelous arrangements and support from your team. Thanks for all your support with this. I certainly would not have done this without your encouragement and support.

    Patricia Buffler, University of Carlifornia - Berkeley (Chair)
  • McGill Refresher Course for Family Physicians

    BIG CONGRATULATION AND THANK YOU TO ALL!! We did it again and better and with a new record number of participants. Looking forward to preparing the GREAT 65th Course in 2014.

    Ivan Rohan, McGill University (Course Director)
  • CARPI 1st International Conference on Applied Robotics for the Power Industry


    • Established a strong brand with this inaugural conference and gave it a life

    A quick note to personally thank you and your team for your exceptional work for CARPI 2010 conference. Feedbacks are quite overwhelming, a lot of them on the outstanding professionalism of the conference.

    Serge Montambault (Conference chair)
  • 26th International Papillomavirus Conference

    • Montreal 2010
    • 2000 pax

    Results that matter

    • Raised the profile of the conference

    Very efficient, no nonsense, absolutely transparent and very convivial! IS Event Solutions would be my first choice again!

    Dr. Marc Steben (Congress Chair)
  • Canadian Urological Association Annual Meeting

    • Montreal 2011, Banff 2012, Niagara Falls 2013, St John's 2014
    • 800 pax
    • Launch Website

    Thanks again for all your help with the CUA. It certainly was an unqualified success, in large part due to the work of you and your colleagues.

    Dr. Joseph Chin, CUA 2013 President
  • International Meeting on Radiation Processing (iiA)

    • Montreal 2011
    • 600 pax

    All the many pieces came together and the overall result was superb. Even those with a long standing tradition of attending IMRPs stated it was "the best ever". We have raised the bar. Thank you again.

    Ruth Brinston, former General Manager, iiA
  • 18th World Congress on Information Technology

    • Montreal 2012
    • 3000 pax


    • Ensured smooth logistics for this high-profile world congress
    • Developed the idea of the award winning "digital river" in cooperation with

    I personally want to extend my sincere gratitude and thanks for the effort you and your team put in. I had no negative feedback on the event – everyone was complimentary and happy with the organization and the logistics. You have made the event go smooth, you have shown a great amount of leadership. I have a huge respect for you and I was very happy to work with you on this project.

    Karna Gupta, President ITAC
  • Symposium d'imagerie cardiovasculaire de l'Hôpital général juif / McGill

  • 27th IAHR Symposium on Hydraulic Machinery and Systems

  • 17th IUFoST World Congress on Food Science and Technology & Expo


    • Successful management of several committees
    • Implementation of food trucks in the exhibit hall to increase participant networking and satisfaction
    • Management of a Guinness World Record "Longest line of canned food"
    • Introduction of this community to ePosters
  • Innovative Therapies in Urology Series of the Jewish General Hospital / McGill

  • Tropical and Parasite Diseases: A Review of Clinical and Laboratory Medicine

    • Montreal 2014
    • 100 pax
  • 2nd World Congress on Brain, Behaviour and Emotions

    • Montreal 2014
    • 600 pax
  • International Mobility Conference

  • World Congress of the International Society for the Study of Personality Disorders

  • 10th World Biomaterials Congress

Results that matter

10 years - 100 congresses - 50,000 participants = 100% track record

  • Clients became heroes.
  • Delegates reported exceptional satisfaction ratings (over 90% say good or excellent).
  • Societies made money.
  • Everyone had fun.
  • We have a 90% referral rate.
  • No commissions. No royalties. No kidding.